Our Team

Samson Ariel Salim

(Founder – Photographer)

This principal photographer of KANA is a big-hearted guy with a fondness for cuddly paws and good food. He has a quiet persona that is cultivated over years of observing the people around him, which has given him the necessary skills to disappear into the background when shooting as well as a good eye for the kind of emotion that he wishes to capture in film. With over seven years of experience of working behind the lens, he knows his way around a camera. Follow him at @samsonarielsalim for more images of food, behind-the-scenes, and his lovely corgi, Bee Bee.

Ivana Ng

(Founder – MUA)

Picking up her first make-up brush a bit later than most MUAs in her life, this self-taught lady doesn’t seem to be lagging behind in putting her best face forward. A believer in bold colors and a perfect cat-eye look, she has worked her magic hands on the faces of magazine covers, runaway models, and of course, brides and grooms to-be. When she is not busy making people look more beautiful, she is creating wholesome healthy meals at her kitchen to help them stay fit. Look forward to some mouthwatering eats at @mannakitchen and a peek into her colorful life at @ivanangg.

Hendy Saputra


Being given a camera at the age of 14 might not be a huge deal for some people. Make it a Canon 7D, however, and you are bound to learn better tricks than most photographers your age. And that’s how this 19 year-old gentleman met the second love of his life – the first being his mother who gifted him with the wonderful equipment. 5 years later, he has grown out of his 7D and moved on to better cameras, but still pursuing what he loves best: taking pictures. Since joining KANA in 2014, he has proven himself to be an observant photographer with a knack for close-up shots and minimalistic styling. Get to know him better at @saputrahendy

Our Philosophy

We believe that wedding photos are more than gorgeous backdrops or beautiful gowns and tuxes. There is a moment that we seek to capture in each of our shoot: when the true chemistry between the bride and groom shows itself in the smallest gesture. It can be a stolen glance, a secret smile, or a hand on the lower back. It doesn’t last long and is usually lost in the excitement of a photo shoot. But we have long realized that this kind of fleeting moment is important; it is the stuff that great photos are made of. And so we have made it our mission to get it on camera – and make a living out of it.

KANA was born out of curiosity and a love for photography. Since 2012, we have catered to hundreds of happy clients who wanted something more for their weddings: photos that speak volumes of the varying emotions happening in the most important day of their lives. Our work has taken us to the windy sands of Bromo and turquoise waters of Bali, weathering through hours of journey in order to get a perfect picture. We have committed to provide only the best wedding photography service for you. So let’s talk. Our door is always open.


1. When should I start booking for pre-wedding or wedding session?
A good six-month is advisable, but we might have a slot in our schedule sometimes due to last-minute cancellation. Give us a call or drop us a line to find out – consultation is always free!

2. Are you available to travel?
Yes, we are always glad to pack up our bags and follow you wherever you go. Just inform us in advance so we can figure out the necessary travel arrangements.

3. When can I receive my photos? How many will I get?

4. Do you provide videographer?

5. What is your range of services?
We provide photography, make-up artist, and gown rental of 60++ pieces.

6. Do I need to make a deposit?

7. How much do you charge?


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